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Post  KevinBlaze on Tue May 11, 2010 1:25 am

So yeah this topic should've been earlier Razz.

New Player friendly. Simple basic mechanics and introductory characters. However it is more important I think to have a robust and interesting system for a slightly more experienced crowd even if necessary to sacrifice some newbie friendliness. Since atm the moment this project is a game for us.

Less bookkeeping than 4e. Remember the moment with the million counters and whatsits? Yeah that's no okay. This ties in with elegance, because even that would've been easier with more standardized rules for durations.

For class balance I'm firmly in the camp that unless you take an even more extreme version of 4E's "every class is the same" classes won't be equal. Seriously though I think we all can agree equivalence is a horrible balance paradigm. All we really need to aim for is avoiding making trap abilities and trap classes for balance power level wise. Followed by enough unique schticks to hand out that everybody gets a regular amount of spotlight time.

Tactical combat gameplay where choices matter. I don't mean we need to bust out a wartable and run hour+ long combats, but that the game supports skirmish level combat in a sensible way [that is that people would realistically fight in small forces vs small forces battles) where choices that people make round to round matter. Player turns should be short and sweet. No nonsensical waiting 10 min for the action to get back to you.

Meaningful world affecting abilities. Players / characters should have explicit abilities for making a lasting impact on the game world. Undead raising, weather controlling, clairvoyance, etc.

Action should be sexy and cool as often as possible. It's a world of adventure! It is not uncommon for the average gentleman to have a science lab in his cloak, an airship at his disposal, and thoughts of exploring the darkest edges of the world with his automatons.

Magic items that are cool loots, not just ornamental small bonuses.

PCs are special people. The story is about them, why have them be second fiddle?

Fast NPC / Monster generation. Major villans taking over 15 minutes is okay. Needing more than a few minutes for basic level appropriate challenge is not okay.

Those are some of the ones I remember off the top of my head or that I had written down. Bring up some of the other things I said or other great ideas! Very Happy

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