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SRPG 2010 - Stuff to exclude Empty SRPG 2010 - Stuff to exclude

Post  KevinBlaze on Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:41 am

PCs who are only support chars, combat or otherwise. PCs who are only auto-attack DD bots.
We want characters who are engaging to play, so it matters that a human being is taking a turn in combat or doing something for the narrative that a simple script can't handle.

Encounter based XP
Grinding has no place in tabletop gaming that I can understand.

NPC-only "Dark Magic"
PCs and NPCs should play by the same rules.

Gold = Magical power [copied from goals in progress]
Separation of wealth from personal power and bling. Gold being able to buy bigger numbers and personal power bling is A Bad Thing(tm). So many problems here.... the incentive to carve up every marble statue and bag of holding to market and having to consider every expense counting against upping one's magic sword + are two major ones. Magic swords shouldn't have to compete with blackjack and hookers, thats not right. It helps operations like the Co. make more sense beyond rather low levels. There could be a magic item economy with a currency of something like soul shards or the Astral Diamond or something but the exchange rate of Astral Diamond to gold would have to be “not a snowball's chance in hell.”

Diablo II - WoW - MMO inspired magic item systems
Obviously fighting and adventuring for loots needs to work in some way. Always looking for inspiration to deal with this seeming paritally contradictory design goal. 1) Loots should not be necessary for making your character work or be at par for adventuring. 2) Loots should be worth getting

All fights are to the Death
The system/world should make it reasonable to not have slay all of your foes, that routs/surrenders are possible. Among other things it gives a way to remove resurrection from the setting while keeping PC/NPC final death down.

I was reminded that goals in progress thread still pertains very much to the current SRPG. Any other ideas for things that should be excluded?

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