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Post  KevinBlaze on Sat May 02, 2009 8:13 pm

Major system changes:
Luckily since the system wouldn't be for sale or profit we have nothing to fear from copyright laws stealing whatever we feel like from 3e/4e or whatever ^_^
A Class Tiers
More gentle level up changes with each one being more meaningful than it is in 3e, nothing like 5th lv fighter levels. But more gradual than the every odd level huge caster jumps. Also more tiers so that normal people fit in the level system somewhere:
Something like:
Levels 1-3: Normal people
4-6: Starting out adventurers ~lv3ish 3e power lv
7-9: Experienced Adventurers ~ lv5ish 3e power lv
10-12: ~lv7ish 3e pwr lv
13-15: ~lv10ish 3e pwr lv
16-18: ~lv13ish 3e pwr lv

These numbers are not set in stone, but give the gist of what I'm thinking of. I'd really like people of somewhat different levels to be able to work together. In 3e 1st level people might have the offense power of 3rd level people, almost, but their hp count means they get 1 shot by any strong attack and 2 shotted by medium attacks, having 1/3 the hp of your team mates is awkward.

Another part of this system would be considering having different classes for each tiers so people FFT class advance.

So that the tiers look like:
Squire/Alchemist/Wheeler and Dealer/Witch

Black Mage/White Mage/Fighter/Rogue

Medium/Summoner/Samurai/Runic Knight


It'd be like combining multi-classing, PrCs and paragon paths into something cool.

B Gold not = Magical power
Separation of wealth from personal power and bling. Gold being able to buy bigger numbers and personal power bling is A Bad Thing(tm). So many problems here.... the incentive to carve up every marble statue and bag of holding to market and having to consider every expense counting against upping one's magic sword + are two major ones. Magic swords shouldn't have to compete with blackjack and hookers, thats not right. It helps operations like the Co. make more sense beyond rather low levels. There could be a magic item economy with a currency of something like soul shards or the Astral Diamond or something but the exchange rate of Astral Diamond to gold would have to be “not a snowball's chance in hell.”

C Death, dying, and the dodge
A death and dying system that has a middle ground between winning and dying. Like the minor heroic power to take a significant injury in place of death.

D All classes can do different things and contribute
Re-balancing, leveling, and listing of powers by level. 4E had this cool idea of letting everybody do comparable stuff, unfortunately this was done by keeping everyone under tight control and basically doing the same stuff. It is hard to balance out people with power diversity as much as say for example find-yourself team Gore-Don, Kedrot, Fortune, Seioko. 3E obviously doesn't balance these people much, but I'm pretty sure they could have meaningfully different powers yet be able to play together. Everyone would need to have combat contribution ability since the name of the game is still the adventurers who travel around battling for gold, glory, or the Empire, something with fight.

5 basic things all adventurers in a DnD world need to be contribute to in an adventuring team:
1- Fighting monsters
2- Talking/Negotiating/Persuading
3- Handling magic items and effects
4- Not dying
5- Gathering information

E Feat Doctors
Feat doctors without borders have some work to do. I think having the ability to get something like feats on the side from class abilities is cool. Though the 4E approach of having more or less class specific feats is pretty dumb, stuff like that should probably be listed under the class it goes with, especially with how much of it is a no-brainer or a matter of what level at, not if you take it. For the most part I think feats should represent something more generic that more than one class would actually take, with out being pure number pump auto-include/dumbs like 4e weapon expertise.

F Separating combat and non combat abilities
Separating non combat abilities from combat abilities. Having profession sailor type skills shouldn't cost magic slinging power when one spends 90% of the game on land, say. On the other hand movement skills like athletics in 4E are combat skills in disguise in addition to being out of combat mobility, so its a little weird to give 4e people a choice between say athletics and endurance.

G Work day/Healing day
Better definition and system for the adventuring work day and healing day. I'm just really not sure how to set this one up right. One of the tough parts is balancing staying power vs having consistent strength between battles in a day vs being able to suffer injuries that matter [possibly read as exhaustible battling resources like healing surges].

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