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Post  KevinBlaze on Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:30 pm

Cousin Sean and I have a short chat about Brawl figured I'd share

inyureye1011 (09:07:27 am): so, are you still a brawl h8r?
Korohit (09:08:18 am): i havent played brawl or melee for 4 weeks, when i left i preferred melee still, i sadly havent been able to find well regulated tournament matches on youtube for brawl
Korohit (09:08:59 am): there's something kinda beautiful and artistic in motions of battle in melee over brawl, in watching the game, too
Korohit (09:09:25 am): it feels more smooth, intricate, and sophisticated. Brawl has potential still
inyureye1011 (09:09:53 am): we hold a smash night up here every thursday that attracts 15, or so people... we hold a tournament once every two weeks that attracts a little over 20... and sometimes i hike it 2 1/2 hrs up to scranton to play their 25 man tourney... their tourney holds some much more competative play... it's just so damn far
Korohit (09:10:01 am): as in many sports it takes time for the hidden patterns to unfold. As a pickup game of soccer will show vs the world cup game
Korohit (09:10:22 am): wow thats an awesomely large brawl scene
Korohit (09:10:36 am): i convinced my store that we needed to hold brawl events
Korohit (09:10:49 am): idk how well theyve been doing since they were to start whilst i was gone
inyureye1011 (09:10:54 am): it's not bad... if I want to travel even further I can go to philly (they're still kind of holding onot melee) or Pittsburgh... I just haven't tried it out yet
inyureye1011 (09:11:15 am): www.smashboards.com
Korohit (09:11:16 am): Playing melee is just so Satisfying
inyureye1011 (09:11:29 am): mention them on there and you'll probably get some serious showers
Korohit (09:11:38 am): good to know
inyureye1011 (09:12:06 am): that's where i met all the best east coast brawlers
inyureye1011 (09:12:18 am): M2K, and Velocity for instance
inyureye1011 (09:12:26 am): err, not brawlers
inyureye1011 (09:12:32 am): actually they're melee guys
Korohit (09:12:35 am): when u sneak out this summer west side you'll have to enlighten us
inyureye1011 (09:12:45 am): well.. M2K is... but he's starting to show up on the top of a lot of brawl tournies
Korohit (09:13:04 am): there is a lot of transferrable skill
inyureye1011 (09:13:25 am): youtube Mew2King sometime... check out some of his melee tournies... you'll be impressed
Korohit (09:13:41 am): i hadnt played brawl and the rest of the local gang had for a couple days, but I warmed up on melee before playing my first brawl match, and was able to win my first 3 brawl matches
Korohit (09:13:52 am): I know M2K, he is a melee god
Korohit (09:13:57 am): i know of*
Korohit (09:14:45 am): watching videos of guys like M2K is inspiring. It gives me great insight into how some sports players/fans must feel, which is something I hadnt identified with before
inyureye1011 (09:15:07 am): he was at the philly melee tourney i went to just as brawl was being released
inyureye1011 (09:15:10 am): i met him briefly... i would've loved to play him in the friendlies we were having on the side
inyureye1011 (09:15:22 am): but i still played pacman and a few others... and did really well - beat some of 'em
Korohit (09:15:38 am): hehe coolz
inyureye1011 (09:16:21 am): yeah... but i'll tell you what... i really do genuinely enjoy watching brawl more... watching melee you see the same few techniques used again and again
inyureye1011 (09:16:36 am): they are in hyper-mode because of ff... but when you break it down, it's not that impressed
inyureye1011 (09:16:39 am): impressive*
inyureye1011 (09:17:10 am): also lower-tier characters cannot compete with the other ones... the only characters I ever saw were peach, falco, fox, and marth
inyureye1011 (09:17:24 am): and in two on twos, you would see a lot of jiggly-puff
inyureye1011 (09:18:27 am): (because of that grab trick)... but still outside of its insane pace there isn't really all that much variety to a match in melee... where as in brawl what you see a lot of is people playing VERY differently depending on their character...
inyureye1011 (09:19:06 am): diddy kong for instance can combo like a mad-man with his bananas out, as well as edge guard with them... you have (for the first time ever) a seriously competative heavy (king deedeedee)
Korohit (09:20:17 am): brawls newer. weaker chars havent been weeded out yt, technique hasnt been streamlined yet. There is Always going to be a strong technical skill element in competitive play, being able to execute maneuvers in the same way consistently is a very very good skill, having to do things different all the time will leave one more prone to error. I'd consider the soccer analogy again [as i get to play that a lot here] that at higher level play people use techniques that newer people cant even possibly compete with and they do them over and over again. Eventually a typology and methodology are developed and these things get names and discussed and advanced
Korohit (09:22:22 am): of course I also go to school for these things, game theory, game design, making games, playing games, it makes me want to explore the brawl vs melee dynamics all the more
inyureye1011 (09:24:33 am): i like to look at brawl as something a little closer to wrestling where you have many rock-paper-scissor moves... depending on your situation in wrestling, and what type of opponent you're facing you have to change your strategy a lot... I have to switch up how I play a lot because of who, and how my opponent are playing... for instance - if I'm playing Deedeedee, or marth, I need to keep on them - allowing any sort of distance is most assuredly death... with deedeedee more specifically I have to focus on making sure to spike him at every opportunity because i take to much damage in between getting him to a level where I can nock him off the side or the roof
inyureye1011 (09:26:47 am): where-as in melee... you had falco's laser approach... marths grab... and a couple other techniques that seemed to be extremely limiting on all the rest of the game that existed... I beleive that the techniques in brawl are not quite as difficult to pull off... but the situations in which you use them are what make those techniques more effective that makes brawl more interesting to me... it's more about thought and less about speed then melee was... of course... that won't be everyone's play style

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