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Post  KevinBlaze on Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:46 am

Here's a draft I put together of potential martial maneuvers, since I'm pretty sure a Warblade type system is a pretty close to perfect way to make fighter type characters more interesting, and competitive with the world's magicers, on a turn to turn basis as well as in combats in general.

Formating kinda sucks since it was c/p'd from word, not too bad though:

Fighter Maneuvers
Level 1 – Fighter
Athletic Burst Sw 1 rd. +5 athletics [C, J, S]
Cleave Sw Downed an opponent, gain an attack
Demoralizing Blow Sw. Attack gains: Will or shaken
Rushing Blow Sw. Atk gains knockback [no more than 5']
Second Wind, Mnr Sw 1 rd. 4 temp hp
Shifting Step Sw. Deal dmg with an atk, gain a 5' step
Sneak Attack, Mnr Sw 1 rd. +1d6 SA
Zephyr Step, Mnr Sw 1 rd. +10' move

Level 2 – Fighter
Back and Forth Sw. Hit an opp. Gain an extra atk vs. Opp. On opposite side of you
Bloodletter Sw. Attack gains Fort or 1 min Damaged Opp. Takes 2 dmg / turn
Catfall Sw. Im Negate 50' of a fall
Demoralizing Taunt Sw. Close range; W or shaken
Line Assault Sw. Hit an opp. Gain an extra atk vs Opp behind them
Shatter Object Sw. +4d6 dmg vs unattended object
Sweeping Blow Sw. Hit an opp. Gain an extra atk vs Opp adj .to that Opp

Level 3 – Fighter
Cheetah’s Run Sw. 1 rd. Increase Run multiplier by 6.
Fated Attack Sw. Reroll an attack roll
Hamstring Sw. Attack gains: Fort or -1/3 move until healed
Heat of the Moment Sw, Im Gain +4 on opposed Roll
Shadow Break Std Dispel attempt vs an Illusion
Stunning Blow Sw. Attack gains Fort or 1 rd. stun [-4 AR, -4 AC]
Distant Strike Std close range; melee atk

Level 4 – Fighter
Athletic Burst, Greater Sw 1 rd. +20 athletics [C, J, S]
Blinding Blow Sw. Attack gains F or 1 rd Blind
Catfall, Graceful Sw., Im Negate 30' / lv. of a fall
Cleave, Great Sw. This turn for each downed Opp. Gain an attack
Great Mover Sw. For this turn: Gain a base land speed Movement action
Flaming Arc Sw. Attack gains 15' cone, Reflex half or 4d6 fire
Mirrored Image Sw. Create shadow image, 50% chance of it being attacked instead, and dispelled
Planar Bound Sw Atk gains W or 1 min Dimensional Anchored
Reach Attack Sw. 1 rd. gain 5' reach

Level 5 – Fighter
Dark Wave Atk. Close range line, Reflex half or [Melee atk dmg] cold dmg
Demoralizing Roar Sw. Close range radius; [Lv] # of closest foes W or shaken
Draining Blow Sw. Attack gains Fort save or 1 min stun [-4 AR, -4 AC]
Vanish Sw. For your turn Invisible
Wrecking Blow Sw. Gain an extra attack vs. an unattended object with + 12d6 damage

Level 6 – Fighter
Catfall, Angelic Sw, Im Negate 500' / lv. of a fall
Dimension Slide Move. As per Dimension Door, Lesser
Flaming Run Sw. 1 rd. +60' move. Leave trail of fire in movement wake.
Heroic Save Sw., Im Reroll a saving throw
Tidal Wave Full Close range cone Reflex half or melee atk damage. Fort or be pushed back 5' and fall prone.

Level 7 – Fighter
Crippling Strike Sw. Attack gains Fort or 1 rd. can’t take attack actions
Demolition Force Sw. Attack gains Close range cone unattended objects take 14d6 damage
Everywhere U Want to Be Sw, Im Gain a base land speed Movement action
Hall of Mirrors Sw. As per Mirrored Image [4], but 3 illusions
Holding Strike Sw. Attack gains Fort or 1rd. can’t move
Iaijitsu Sw. Attack vs. Opp. denied dex gains +7d6 damage
Master Force Sw. Close range; melee attack
Stunning Roar Sw. Close range radius; [Lv] # of closest foes F or 1 rd stunned [-4 AR, -4 AC]

Level 8 – Fighter
Cleave, Supreme Sw. Each time Opp is downed, gain a 5' step and an extra attack.
Hurricane Full Close range radius; R half or [melee atk dmg] cold dmg,. Fort or be Knocked back [Init gains +10] and fall prone.
Paralyzing Strike Sw. Attack gains F or 1rd. can’t take move or attack actions
Shadow Storm Sw. Close range cone Reflex half or Melee atk dmg

Level 9 – Fighter
Great Fortune Free Start current turn over, minus this maneuver
Maelstrom Sw Gain +90' movement. May make a knockback and down attempt against [Lv #] of Opp.s you become adj to. Once / Opp.
Meteor Smash Std Melee attack + Medium range radius Reflex half or 17d6 fire damage, fort save or fall prone

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