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The World of Ivalice Empty The World of Ivalice

Post  KevinBlaze on Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:24 am

Surely I should make little snipet posts about our Final Fantasy world of Ivalice, and I'll keep them here!

The World of Ivalice
The Islands of the Middle Sea

The Kingdom of Justice
The Kingdom of Justice, and its Capitol Corneria are the homeland of the original Light Warriors. It is a fertile land full of friendly, good, and hardworking people. It is not a large land, as one can travel from side of the kingdom to the other in 1d3-1 random encounters. Aside from the capitol there are no settlements of any large size, the people are spread wide over the small area of Justice. Nearly all the inhabitants of Justice are human, it attracts some adventurers and other travelers due to its re-spawning dungeons, the Temple Chaos [though this was kept under tight guard until its recent implosion], and the village near Lifespring Grotto, which has one of the most restorative hot springs of the Middle Sea Islands.

Recently it has become the new looting target of its neighboring kingdom, Vigor since Frederick the White, the Pirate King gained control. Justice is no match for Vigor, but as Justice is the homeland of the original Light Warriors even Frederick the White will not raid the capitol city. Instead they are content to leave the rest of the countryside in fear and ransom back families, supplies, soldiers, and knights.

The Kingdom of Vigor
The land to the east of Justice, past the forest of monsters has always been a dangerous place, run by families of crime and the underworld. Ogres and other monsters have been so prevalent that the kingdom has been made to make regular tribute to a number of factions. For this reason the people of Vigor set to the sea to find islands in the middle sea to call home, more defensible and safer than the mainland. Which has now been abandoned fully to the criminal element.

Nearly any pirate will you tell you he's the pirate king, until you mention the name Frederick the White. The most bold and savage of pirates in a land wracked by crime finally took control of the kingdom from the former king Wilhelm by force and then took his queen, Mersala, to be his bride. Wilhelm himself escaped execution stealing away on a small ship.

The Kingdom of Prayus
On the south island around the middle sea lies the kingdom of the Elves. It is a prosperous land, separated by a deadly marsh from their more sinister cousins the dark elves for both sides would prefer to never interact with each other. Given that the very land protects Elven people the pirates of Vigor never raid the mainland of Prayus but content themselves to heists on the middle seas. So far Prayus has not made any direct counter attack on this being Vigor's modus operandi.

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