DnD 4th books and return to doing Sanban stuff

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DnD 4th books and return to doing Sanban stuff Empty DnD 4th books and return to doing Sanban stuff

Post  KevinBlaze on Mon May 12, 2008 12:47 pm

I preordered on our behalf 2 4th ed PHBs, and 1 DMG, and 1 Monster Manual awhile ago, just to let folks know that we should be getting our mitts on those between June 8th and 10th. Also that I wouldn't mind 5 or 10 dollar donations into the Posse party fund from folks to take the sting out of the cost :-).

Also I'll be back on May 28th, but it is rather unlikely that sanban stuff will begin again quickly, but maybe I'd be ready by that weekend sometime, unfortunately hard to say a few weeks out. Also 13th friday through 15th sunday in June is DMF Seattle for WoW, and then I'm off to Colombus for ygo nats the next weekend [19th thru 23rd], and will finally start being back in town the weekend of the 27th. Not sure how to handle this in terms of getting sanban rolling again. Maybe having sban on another night each week, maybe just for June?

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